This is where you will be able to read about my latest progress. Enjoy! xxx


3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Arden Carkhuff says:

    Hey!! I am so excited to have found your blog and instagram account. I am 23 years old and just a week before my 19th birthday I was in a horrible car accident (I had the same reaction as you when I realized it was about to happen) and I have two herniated disc in my back (L4 and L5) and arthritis developing as well as nerve pain throughout my legs and feet constantly. I only say all of this because I have felt very alone throughout this process in the sense that I haven’t had any one to relate to and I am honestly so thankful to be able to follow your story and learn from your experience. My heart is broken for you and I am so sorry you have endured such pain, trust me I know what it feels like and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through it but I do have hope for healing and I believe that there is freedom and healing in sharing our stories so all that being said thankyou haha I am so excited to know there are other girls out there who are not willing to sit out and settle but are still going to pursue their dreams and live life!


    • laurawellington18 says:

      Awww this makes me so happy to hear. That is exactly why I started he blog and post what I do on my Instagram account. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident, it sounds awful. Dealing with pain everyday is so hard but knowing there are others out there smashing life and living their dreams, really does help to keep focus and remain positive. Let me know your insta name and I will check out your account ☺ xxx


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