Being Spontaneous

💭…Train journeys always seem to make me become very reflective. I haven’t exactly got to the bottom of what it is about them but it’s always the time I sit, look out the window and think. 🚊
Today’s journey has been really spontaneous. This morning I had no plan to get on a train. In fact, I had a very free day and evening…just to see what I FELT like doing and what my body was up to doing.
Recently I have been trying to plan less and take a more ‘go with the flow’ attitude and it seems to be suiting me quite well.
As I spend quite a few days at home, unable to leave the house because of exhaustion/pain/migraine – it makes it REALLY hard to make plans for the future because I never really know how I will feel on that day. Sometimes I don’t even know how I will be in an hours time.
From my experience over the last year and a half, this has lead to me being the QUEEN of cancelling on friends/doctors/family/everyone. 🙅🏼👑
After a while, it really grates on you and can leave you feeling pretty rubbish. It’s such a tease. Yes you can go out for dinner next Thursday with friends…yes you can look forward to seeing your friends you haven’t seen for 6 months…yes you can buy that new top to wear…And then…💥BOOM…Actually, you can have a migraine for 24 hours instead and you can’t go. Text your friends. Plans cancelled. Can’t see your friends. 😩

So this is why my attitude of ‘make no plans’ has been the new best thing. I’m not going to let anyone down and anything that does end up happening, turns out to be even more exciting because it’s spur of the moment and I end up doing something that is manageable at that exact moment.

Lots of people don’t live their lives like this. People are so busy living such structured, planned and stressful lives. There’s no TIME for spontaneity! If you want to add a bit of extra magic into your life, try to do something unplanned and spontaneous. I promise you, it makes things even more fun than if they had been planned for weeks! ✨


Lots of love from




2 thoughts on “Being Spontaneous

  1. Glimpsing Gembles says:

    I completely understand! I have to cancel all the time, or I make these tentative “I might be able to” plans and it is so frustrating! It makes me nervous to make plans too. I don’t like to say “yes let’s do that on Friday” because I don’t want to let that person down, but I also hate being noncommittal all the time! I like your new take on it! I might have to give it a go!! xo


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