Let Yourself Shine



It’s far too easy to compare to others…I wish I had hair like her, I wish I could afford a wardrobe like hers, I wish I had that car, I want a body like hers, I want to own a house like them, I wish I had the job she does…the list is endless and I am sure it is something that everyone has once thought or said at some point.

Recently something I have been trying to focus on is paying attention to MY goals, MY path, MY achievements. At the end of the day, we are the only ones responsible for ourselves, our lives and what we want to achieve. My accident changed all of that for me – my goals went from aiming to complete the Kayla BBG guide in 12 weeks to aiming to move my legs in my hospital bed. And that has continued to be the case. I have friends setting goals of getting that job promotion by the end of the year, buying their first house and my goals this week included just trying to get through the week without a migraine, trying to go for a short walk each day. It’s a difficult mindset to adopt but once you have mastered it, I believe it will leave you in a very happy, content and confident life that you totally own. We are only responsible for one person. Let that person shine.


Lots of love from,




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