I had a doctors appointment this morning which has left me feeling rather inspired and I wanted to share the inspiration with you all as I think it’s such a positive message to be reminded of.

My doctor said to me:

“Laura, no one can heal you. Even I can’t heal you. There is only one person in the world that can heal you and that is you, Laura. The rest of us are here to assist you.”

This could have left me feeling really disheartened that there is no quick fix (although I have already learnt that!), but instead it ignited some motivation and a huge reminder of the power of the self. The mind is so powerful it actually scares me but it’s also incredible because as cheesey as it sounds, anything really is possible.

I was speaking to my sister about this and saying how it relates to anything in life. If you are unhappy with something: your job, your friends, your relationship, your home, your diet – the person that has the power to change that is YOU. Of course, other people around you are there to assist you, support you, advise you but its up to YOU to make the changes you want.

There really is no time like the present to begin to make those changes, so, as my doctor told me – start today and you will begin to see the benefits.


Lots of love,




One thought on “The POWER of YOU

  1. Henry Holme says:

    Couldn’t agree more Laura! Your blog still keeps me motivated that no matter what life throws at us, we’re all much stronger than anyone ever thinks – you are absolute living proof of this. Hope to see you soon! Xxxxxx


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