19 Months

imageEvery 1st of the month I can’t help but think how many months it has been since my accident. I know 19 is a bit of a random number and it would have made a bit more sense to write this blog at 18months buttttt I’m going to do it now, mix things up, being normal is boring anyway 😜

I thought it would be a good idea for to write down what is going on in recovery at the moment, for my own sake but figured it’s always good to keep things documented on my blog too so I’m sharing it all with you guys too!

If I had to describe how things were going, I would have to say ‘up and down’ ‘good and bad’. I am still waiting for the day that everything is running smoothly, but realistically that isn’t real life so instead I’m learning ways to manage the up and down, side to side, inside out kinda life that I have been thrown into (literally😜).

Let’s start with the good – emotionally and psychologically everything has improved SO much. Honestly, one of the best treatments I have been given has been CBT and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s not just for people who have had a traumatic accident or suffer from PTSD like myself but it can help with all different mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. Before I started going for CBT, a friend told me that it ‘changed her life’ and at the start I wasn’t really sure how that was possible. Now that I am nearly coming to the end of my 4 month treatment plan, I can TOTALLY see what she meant and couldn’t agree more.
The stigma surrounding mental health is still such a huge problem but what I have learnt from being so open about it, is that there are so many people you know that have either suffered from mental health problems, or are in need of receiving some help but scared of feeling like they are a failure. These mental health professionals are there to help you and are so important to our overall wellbeing. There is no shame in receiving mental health treatment…it changes your life…for the better! 😜

Moving on to the ‘OK’ part of my recovery – my back, my shoulder and my foot neve pain. All of which still cause me pain everyday, all of which stop me doing the things I want to do (I’m currently writing this lying on the grass waiting for friends because I can’t walk any further), all of which require Pilates and yoga to help strengthen and mobilise them. I think they are improving, it’s just quite difficult to see when you are living with the injuries every day but I do try to remind myself that they are doing their best (most of the time)!

Finally, migraines. Bloody migraines. They really are the worst thing ever. The most painful thing ever. I mean that. When I have a really bad one, I always say to myself that I would rather endure the initial pain of breaking my back again than the pain of my migraine. And trust me, breaking your back is agony.
I think the difference is that there is no way to escape pain in your head. Especially with a migraine as any light, smell or sound makes you vommit…there is nothing you can do to distract yourself from the pain. The only thing is my trusty pack of frozen peas which help slightly.
Anyway, my migraines are not under control at all. Last week I had 6 whilst on holiday. I had another yesterday…fingers crossed that’s it for this week!

My aim for the next month is to try and get my migraines slightly more under control as they really do stop my life for 24 hours and are just horrendous. I’m going to be trying some different treatment this month for them so hopefully…I get to the bottom of what is triggering them.

Last week was a huge milestone in recovery as I have started doing one morning a week of voluntary work for a charity. It was very daunting going back into a working environment and I felt very nervous beforehand. Obviously, it was fine whilst I was there and it felt good to have my mind on something else. The afternoon was spent in pain but I’m hoping my body adjusts to that over time. I am going to write another blog on this topic – that will hopefully be up in the next couple of weeks.

For now, I think this is long enough for one blog.

Thank you to everyone that reads my blog, I really love hearing your feedback and knowing that so many of you are reading it is really quite cool! I wonder where I will be in 19 months time…

Lots of love


P.S. If anyone knows of any treatments that have helped them/someone they know with migraines…send the info my way pleaseeee! 💜💜💜


2 thoughts on “19 Months

  1. Glimpsing Gembles says:

    Well done Laura! Keep going! It’s interesting you say about the volunteer work – I have just finished uni for the year so am looking for something to keep me motivated because I can not work, so I have been looking for something suitable I could do as a volunteer. I am still looking, but I am quite taken by the idea of being a reading tutor for kids! I look forward to hearing about what you are doing. x


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