10 things I am grateful for this week…

I have taken inspo from Elle Fit with her #10days10things and decided to a blog about the things that I am grateful for this week as I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself with pain, exhaustion and migraines.


Elle Fit Stretching Guides – So the first thing this week has to be Elle’s guides. I finally got round to buying them and have been doing them everyday so far and I am loving it. I am hoping that by following these guides, I will be able to relieve some of the muscle tension I have in my back. I am loving having the easy to follow photos and I am hoping to see some progress over the next few months.

My frozen peas – A bit of a strange one, but I have a pack of frozen peas specifically for pain! I usually use them when I have a migraine but this week they have been used loads as my back has been particularly painful so they have been in overdrive with my head and my back.

This song – I found this song this week and I have been obsessed with it!



Jeff – I am always grateful for Jeff but even when I am in so much pain, he seems to just make things so much better. I am so grateful for him being in the UK with me. Long distance was so rubbish and it definitely hasn’t worn off how lucky we are to now be together in the same country! Soppy stuff over with!



The Sun – Finally, summer has arrived! I’m so much happier when the sun is out so I have been trying to make the most of it and get outside as much as possible (as much as my energy levels have let me!)

Migraine Medication – I have had 2 migraines so far this week so I have been so thankful for my migraine medication that I was able to take to stop it from worsening. If I don’t take it, I end up in bed for 24 hours feeling like DEATH so the medication is my life saviour and it allowed me to continue on with my day and not miss out which is a huge bonus!

IMG_4270.jpgMy veggie patch – A couple of months ago, I was fed up and bored and wanted to have a new hobby. It’s quite tricky when I don’t have much concentration and pain and energy limit me, but I decided I wanted to have a veggie patch so I have been growing some veggies and this week I have been enjoying all sorts from it! I’ve had my first tomatoes…so much kale…some radishes (I’m still trying to like these!)…and a few peas (by a few, I mean about 6!…this crop still needs to develop more!!). Here is a funny little photo of my first ever cucumber that is growing nicely! My purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower hasn’t been too successful as the rabbits have really enjoyed those, but I’m hoping they pull through. I’ll keep you updated!

New FriendsThanks to this blog, Instagram and just other opportunities, I have been able to connect with so many inspiring people that have and are helping me so much by going through similar situations. It helps so much when you meet people that are experiencing similar difficulties.

Mum – Really don’t know what I would do without her. She literally helps me with everything, but this week I have depended on her to drive me to my appointments as my energy has been too low to drive.




Annabel’s birthday – I was so grateful for the fact I was able to spend Annabel’s birthday in London with her. This would not have happened a couple of months ago but thanks to having CBT, I am slowly overcoming my fear of London and I was able to enjoy my few days with Annabel. Yay!






Lots of love from,





One thought on “10 things I am grateful for this week…

  1. HopeVsHeadaches says:

    This was such a lovely read. Recently I’ve been low due to migraines and today I started my gratitude journal again and saw your post and it made me smile. I’m glad you have so much to be grateful for too xx


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