What is my job?

What is your job? Why don’t you work? Are you going to get a job soon?

I think I would be really rich if I had got paid for every time I have been asked these questions.

To look at me, there is nothing wrong with me. But does that mean there is nothing wrong with me? NO.

Being involved in a traumatic accident changes everything. In my case, it broke my back and skull, but that is not all. From that moment, I lost my independence, confidence, trust.

16 months later…I AM working. I am working on myself. All those things that were broken or lost cannot be fixed on their own. They also cannot be fixed in a day. So, I do have a job and it involves medical appointments, booking appointments, medical paperwork, legal stuff, exercise – walking, running, swimming, pilates and yoga, trying to stay calm, resting and spending times with friends and family that help to support, motivate and encourage me.

Sometimes, it really frustrates me that people ask what my job is, but I have to remember that I once did not know how a serious accident would affect a persons life. There is a lot more too it than the car accident you hear about on the news. In fact, that is only the start of the challenging, long journey for those involved.

Remember: There is always more than meets the eye.


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2 thoughts on “What is my job?

  1. Jo Veasey says:

    Yes you have a job & your very good at it. Your job is being you & inspiring all of us who know you & many who don’t 🙂 keep up the great work.
    Lots of love & light, Jo Xx


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