Since the start of this year, my main focus with my physio in Australia was to build up my strength so that I was able to run by the time I left Australia. I achieved that! I am back running!

My Aussie physio definitely pushed me and each week I was finding more muscles I had forgotten I even had and then trying to get them to work properly! Every session left me struggling to walk but in a good way as I was feeling stronger and stronger each week.

I am following a program that is increasing my distance and time each week. I have just finished week 4 which consisted of a 30 minute run in total split into 3mins running, 90 second walking, 5 mins running with 2 and half mins walking. I did this for a total of 16 mins running time. Next week I think I will be running for a total of 20 mins!

The biggest surprise for me, is the lack of pain I have felt in my back – which is the best news ever! Infact, I have more pain in my back when I am stood still or sitting down for too long – so I think I will just have to start running everywhere!!

It just feels so great to be able to run again and although the progress is small, I am enjoying having a new challenge each week and I am looking forward to setting myself goals for the future.  Before my accident, running was my favourite form of exercise and it has always been my way of de-stressing.  I remember being in hospital, telling my doctor to do anything he could so that I would be able to run again. 14 months later and I am running! The difference, now, is that I definitely don’t take it for granted and on the days when pain stops me from doing my run, I know that I am going to enjoy the run the next day and that sense of achievement is the best!


Here is a photo of me on one of my first runs in Australia. It was the best place to start running again as I could enjoy the sun and didn’t have to wrap up in a million layers!The reality now; running through the muddy woods, numb fingers and that freezing chest pain. Welcome back to England! At least I am able to run!


Lots of love from,




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