Optimistic October! #Octomistic

Entire water of the sea can’t sink a ship unless it get’s in side the ship. Similarly, negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. 

Over the past couple of months, various people around me have been telling me me ‘to focus on the present’. This idea of ‘mindfulness’, channelling my thoughts and focus to the ‘now’ and not the past or the future. I find it quite hard but when I do manage to just think about the day I’m on, the present moment, it helps me massively. So I have realised it is something I need to do daily.


Focusing on being present has been enhanced with my yoga practice. Yoga has been a huge part of my September recovery. I spent a week on an amazing yoga and health retreat. A whole week of twice daily yoga practice made me realise the power of focusing on the now. I feel like something has ‘clicked’ and I really want to make more of a conscious effort to keep my focus present.

I was awake the other night, unable to sleep and I came up with an idea to help myself through the next month to help me ‘be present’. When I thought about the idea, I decided it would be great to share it on my blog as I think lots of people will benefit from it.

Starting on the 1st October, I am going to post a photo on instagram of something/someone/anything that has helped me to remain present and has brought happiness, positivity, achievement, enjoyment to my day. I’m hoping by having this little focus will keep reminding me of the positives, however big or small, as well as being something fun to do!

As I go into my 8th month of recovery, I am learning that its ok to have bad days, bad days are normal. I am learning that a ‘positive recovery’ isn’t always about huge achievements, but there is always something to focus on that has bought positive energy into the day. I am hoping my #Octomistic posts will show this.

I thought it would be really fun to share this today on The Sunset Seekers with my friends and family so that we can all thrive off each others daily #Octomistic positive posts – that way we will have loads of ‘focused positivity’!

I hope you all like this idea and enjoy an Optimistic October!

Lots of love from




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