August Update


This post is more of a summary of August and where that has taken me in the recovery process. I have spent the last 10 days in Turkey with my family which was so lovely. I am hoping to start writing some travel related posts on here as well. One of the best things about being away from ‘reality’ meant that it gave me time to think about other things other than medical appointments! Travel has always been such a huge passion of mine so I’m hoping by having some inspiration from my summer adventures, will give me something positive to focus on the next couple of months and enjoyable to read too!

Other than the 10 days in Turkey, August ended up being a very quiet month for me. It felt like I had hit a bit of a ‘wall’ with motivation, positivity, recovery (hence the lack of blog posts) but after speaking to my doctors, some friends and spending time with my family I have been reassured that this is ‘normal’ and once again…’these things take time’. Every day I am learning more and more about the importance of time and that this recovery process cannot be rushed.

Probably the biggest lesson I have learnt this month is the importance of ‘making the most of it’. This nasty little accident has enjoyed taking a lot of things away from me and it still does seem to be enjoying doing just that. So on the days when I have enough energy to leave the house, go for a walk, socialise – I make sure I make the most of it!


I’m going to leave you this week with some of my ‘making the most of it moments’ from August:

V Festival: I managed to gather enough energy to go to one day of V. It’s great that it is socially acceptable to lie down at festivals – the best place for me! It was a really fun day, with the highlight being James Bay, obviously.

Flying to Turkey: After a bad spell of migraines, I was so lucky to not have one on the day we flew to Turkey. It is also my longest flight I have done with my dodge back – painful but worth it!

Boat Trips: Whilst away, we went on two boat trips – one during the day and one for sunset. The day time boat trip was actually on my ‘7 monthversary’ of recovery so it felt good being able to snorkel along the beautiful Turkish coastline. The sunset trip was just gorgeous – I was in heaven taking photos of the sunset. Despite both trips triggering migraines, both trips were so much fun and I will probably post more photos from the sunset one as I really lived up to the name – The Sunset Seekers.

Sea swims: I made sure I still kept up with my swimming whilst away and I made the most of having such a warm sea to swim in. On my first day, I was lucky enough to even swim with a turtle.

Turkish Restaurants: The food in Turkey was absolutely delicious and definitely up my street! So on the nights when I had enough energy to go out for dinner, I definitely made the most of it – usually with a fresh strawberry daiquiri as well! We found a great bar, set in the trees so hammocks and bean bags were the seating options – the perfect place for someone like me. I wish all restaurants had a hammock option!

This week is about getting back into my routine and full of appointments, but only for one week as I am off on another exciting holiday next week…doctors orders, that’s what I say!

Hope you all have a good week.

Lots of love from




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