Weekly achievements & positives of the week – Sunday 9th August 2015

I set this blog up to share with my friends and family my progress and also for my own sake – something for me to focus on and it definitely helps me pick out the weekly positives. But it would be a complete lie to myself and to everyone that this whole ‘recovery process’ is a smooth running positive one. This week has certainly not been the easiest one and I have realised its normal to have the ‘bad weeks’. Of course, the ‘bad weeks’ still have a few positives, which I am going to share with you.

Beach: This week I have managed to get down to the beach twice. It may not be the Aussie beaches I was expecting to be walking along but I still really enjoy just being by the coast and there is something so lovely about being on the beach. Sandy walks are also such good ‘physio’ for me so its definitely a good place for me to be! I’m hoping to go this week as well – definitely need to make the most of the English summer!

Inspiration: I follow a really inspirational girl on Instagram, Em Carey. She calls herself ‘the girl who fell from the sky’ as she had a sky diving accident and has been left a paraplegic. Despite her spinal cord injury, she has learnt to walk again – her page is truly inspirational. If you don’t follow her already, I really recommend following her. She posted a video this week which had a great song in it and I think I think I’m getting a little bit obsessed with it! It’s definitely been keeping me going this week – you should have a listen!

Glasses: I picked up my new glasses this week and although I wasn’t very happy that yet another part of my body had been affected by the accident, I now see it as a positive. I can finally see my laptop and watch TV without it being totally blurred! No more excuses for typos!

Reassurance: After a week full of medical appointments, I am feeling much more reassured that all my injuries/problems are ‘normal’. The nature of my injuries (head and back) can be pretty scary but this week after seeing some specialists, I am feeling much more reassured that I will recover eventually but it is going to take time. This whole situation is certainly a test of my patience; it’s a waiting game. As cliché as it sounds, I have to accept that I have to have the bad days to appreciate the good days. And as Jeff reminded me this week:


“Calm seas never made a skilful sailor”

This week I am hoping to try out a yoga class I haven’t been to before and fingers crossed the sunny weather stay so I can make the most of the beach!

Lots of love from




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