The Golden 6 Months

1st August 2015

1st August 2015

Today I am celebrating 6 months of recovery! It has been the longest, hardest and most painful 6 months so today is definitely a day to jump in celebration! (My back did not thank me for my jump!).

I still find it really hard to accept how much the accident has changed and affected my life. It still makes me angry, it still makes be sad, it still makes me frustrated but I no longer say ‘I just want to be the girl I was before 1st February 2015.’ That is something I will never go back to being and slowly I am realising, that is a good thing.

What this has shown to myself, shown to those around me and what it has taught me is something that I would never have seen or learnt otherwise. So many of my friends and family have said I have ‘inspired’ them or made them think differently or just lived by the ‘yolo’ moto a little more and that in itself is a huge positive out of something really horrible.

I’m not saying that being hit by a car is a ‘positive life event’ to happen but the lessons I have learnt from it and how it has made me view life differently is a positive. So, as I am trying my best this week to stay positive, here are some of the positive lessons I have learnt in the last 6 months:

The importance of friends and family:

I obviously knew this before, but now I have experienced the difference it can make. I can’t even imagine where I would be without my friends and family. I was put into a position where I was unable to do anything for myself and without the people that care about me, my recovery would not have been possible. The smallest things make such a difference and have taught me to appreciate friends and family to a whole new level. Thank you x

‘It could be worse’:

I hate these words so much and it is something that over time I have learnt why. I even used to think it about myself but it would then make me angry. I have now learnt that everything is relative. It doesn’t matter how small your problem is, it is all relative to yourself and your own situation. I know, and will never forget, how lucky I am to still have the ability to walk, but that doesn’t make it any easier when I am angry, scared and frustrated at the fact I am unable to cross the road in London without feeling anxious. This is where some will say ‘it could be worse, you could have never been able to cross a road again’. My answer to that is ‘yes, that could have happened and I know I am lucky to be in the position I’m in, but the position I’m in is still really hard, painful, scary and frustrating.’ So the lesson I have learnt is that everyone’s problems are all relative and I now view things from that perspective.

Determination and learning when to hold back:

A major part of my recovery has been learning when to hold back. This recovery process has taught me that I am naturally quite a determined person and self motivated. I am definitely not letting one person’s idiotic choice to drink drive stop me from achieving everything I want to achieve. Obviously this has helped me progress as much as I have but it is not always the best way forward. With the help mainly from yoga – I have learnt the importance of listening to your own body and understanding that it is ok to sometimes say ‘no’ or to hold back. I am gradually learning my limits and when I need to take a step back and rest. Although it is the most frustrating thing ever, I know that long term, I will be better off.

Long & short term goals:

The first few months when I was in my brace, I was all about the ‘long term goals’ – setting myself dates when I wanted to be able to go back to work, move to Australia. Unfortunately I learnt the hard way, when a doctor told me that my recovery was going to take a long time and my goals were totally taken away. From that point on, I have focused on setting myself short term goals – daily and weekly. The weekly aims I set myself in my blog posts help me so much and keep me motivated. I keep them realistic which avoids disappointment. I try to focus on the ‘now’ rather than the past or future by not making plans too far in advance. Anything can happen and I have had to put on hold and change plans far too many times already and it just ends up with me getting upset and frustrated so my attitude at the moment is to focus on the present as much as possible, put my energy into getting better and the rest will follow.


So, whilst smiling, I am looking forward to continuing to write my blog, improving in pilates, swimming and yoga, getting stronger mentally and physically and it will be an amazing feeling to look back on this day in a years time and see how far I have come.

Lots of love from,




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