Positives and July Progress – Thursday 30th July

This is a much overdue blog post. The last 3 weeks have not been my ‘usual’ therefore my blog writing got pushed to one side. However, I have been filling my days full of positive activities and progress.

REUNITED: After 6 and half (unplanned) months apart, the last 3 weeks I have been reunited with my boyfriend. It has been so so so lovely to have him here, I just wish I was well enough to move over to Aus to be with him now. The hardest thing about my accident is what it has taken away from me – the 2015 I had planned for, but I am determined to eventually reach it…maybe in 2016 instead!


CRETE: A week of sun, swimming in the sea (we swam 1km every day), walking on the beach, sunsets, sunbathing on the hot sand was just so good for my recovery and for my back. I had much less pain and walking on the beach helped my heel pain SO much. Unfortunately it was only temporary and since returning home my heel is worse than ever, so I have decided to prescribe myself with ‘permanent residence on a hot sandy beach!’

SOCIAL: Whilst Jeff was here we saw lots of my friends and did some fun things. It was so good to be able to do these things – go to London etc and to have him with me made it so much easier. I had a personal bag carrier for 3 weeks! I definitely looked like a spoilt girlfriend!


YOGA: Last week I completed my 6 week programme of my yoga sessions. I have loved learning about yoga and getting into it. It has helped me so much and the progress in my back is amazing in just 6 weeks. I am now able to start going to my teachers group classes so I am looking forward to that next week.

NO MIGRAINES: Another reason the last 3 weeks have been so great is that I haven’t had a single migraine (touch wood) for over 3 weeks now. I am sure fatigue triggers them so I have been careful and when I have felt exhausted, I have made sure to rest. Hopefully this is a sign I am getting better at managing them.

Aim of the Week:

To chill out, listen to my body and get back to my routine.


There have been so many positives in the last 3 weeks and they have definitely been the best 3 weeks of the year so far! Of course I have still had the daily problems of heel pain, back pain, memory problems and extreme fatigue but just being reunited with Jeff and to have his support has made all of that so much easier. Now that he has gone back home I am going to focus on getting my routine back and to continue to recover the best I can… And to post regular blog posts!

Lots of love from




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