Weekly Achievements: Sunday 5th July

Yippeeeee! I have managed a week without a migraine! My yoga teacher has been telling me that part of my recovery is about learning to know when I need to ‘hold back on the reins’ and not to get too carried away and gallop ahead. This week I feel I have managed this and it has paid off – I have managed to do most things and enjoy a week of socialising without suffering too many consequences.

1. DRIVING: 2 major driving events this week – I FINALLY drove at night – something that had been too scary until this week so I am so pleased I have now done it. No going back now! I also managed to do my longest drive which just shows how much stronger my back has become. A month ago I was only able to drive for 5/10min max and this week a drove for 40 mins. I love building up my independence again. Australia is another step closer!

2. LONDON: This week I attempted another trip to London, this time with no migraines – yay! It was my first major ‘social’ event post broken back but I have been building up to it for ages as there was no way I was missing it and missing celebrating Annabel’s 21st. It was lovely to see so many people I haven’t been able to see for a long time. I have attached a few photos from the day, especially of those that wanted to feature in this weeks blog. I love that so many people are still enjoying my blog!



Featuring my top 2 blog fans, Sophie & Emma!



3. YOGA: I have been going to my yoga session for 4 weeks now and this week there was a massive improvement – it is the best feeling to actually see progress and results. I had never done yoga properly until a month ago but I really love it and its definitely helping my recovery. My spine is becoming much more mobile and this week I managed to do my first shoulder stand! It has definitely motivated me to practice more. I’ll be doing headstands and backbends in no time!

4. NO MIGRAINES: This week has definitely been my busiest week and most independent week I have had and the best news is that I have managed to avoid any migraines! As the weeks go on, I am definitely learning more about finding the right balance and learning when I have to rest. It’s been a fun week with lots of socialising and enjoying the sun!

My aim of the week:


This coming week is the most exciting week, the week I have been counting down too so I am just going to make the most of it and enjoy every minute!

Have a good week!

Lots of love from




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