Positives & Aims of the week – Sunday 21st June 2015

I never got round to posting my weekly update last week so here is the update of the last fortnight.

It’s been quite a busy one with appointments but I am enjoying having a bit more of a routine with my regular weekly appointments – physio, pilates, counseling, yoga, swimming.

Positives of the week:

  1. BACK: My physio this week said that he is (finally) seeing an improvement in my back. It’s still in a pretty messed up state but it’s very reassuring to hear that my daily physio and swimming is starting to pay off. I am noticing improvement with my back too – I can really see that I am able to do so much more for a longer period of time – walking/standing/sitting. Just need to get my shoulder and heel on the right track too!
  1. PINK MUMMY: This week my physio has been trying out a new technique for my shoulder and heel injuries – he’s taped me up using pink tape! Next week he might even try taping my back too, I really will look like a pink mummy then! It seems to have helped my heel a lot, unfortunately it doesn’t last too long as I am swimming every day. Hopefully we have found something that is going to allow my heel to improve as it has been really causing a lot of pain and discomfort.
  1. COCKTAILS: Last night was a major milestone! I went out for the first time post Regina! It wasn’t exactly a wild one but it felt good to have ticked another thing off and know that I am able to do that now. It was a really nice evening with Laura, Charlotte and a couple of Elderflower cocktails!


  1. MIGRAINE TRIGGERS: One of the affects of my head injury has meant that I now suffer from severe migraines, something I had never had before. It seems that whilst my back is improving, my migraines are becoming more frequent. However, I am learning slowly what triggers them and also how to manage them. Obviously, I really really wish I didn’t get them at all, they are so horrific and I’m unable to do anything when I get one but the fact I’m learning about what can cause one means that hopefully over time I will get less of them. It seems that ‘exhaustion’ is triggering them and it doesn’t take much for me to ‘get exhausted’ at the moment. It’s rather frustrating as I am physically more able now to do a little bit more but then my head doesn’t like me doing too much, so it’s a matter of finding the right balance of level of activity I can do without causing a migraine.
  1. SWIMMING RACES: I’m feeling quite smug as I write this as I swam 36 lengths of front crawl yesterday. It’s such a good feeling, now that I am able to do a decent amount of lengths in the pool and actually feel like I’ve worked my muscles. Yesterday’s swim was extra fun as I noticed I was swimming faster than a guy in the pool. I decided to set myself a challenge and have a few races with him – I won every time. He was totally unaware we were even having ‘races’ but it felt good to know I’m not as weak as I thought I was and although I’m far from the level of fitness I had pre Regina, it’s a great feeling to know I can beat a man swimming!


Aim for next week:

To continue increasing my stamina and level of activity.



This week I am hoping for less pain and hopefully that will mean I wont require any pain killers. Last week I had to resort to painkillers for my shoulder and for my migraine. I really hate taking them as they make me feel so awful but when the pain gets so unbearable, I have to resort to them again. Fingers crossed for no painkillers this week!

I am also going to work hard at my swimming, yoga and pilates as I am so determined to increase my fitness and strength over the next couple of weeks.


Hope you have all had a good week and thank you for reading my blog.


Lots of love from




One thought on “Positives & Aims of the week – Sunday 21st June 2015

  1. green521 says:

    Oh Loz, you sound as though you are progressing. I know what you are like, just take it slowly and you will get there in the end. Don’t push too hard. Well done and keep up the good work. Love Cath xxx


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