Weekly Achievements & Aims – Sunday 7th June 2015

As I didn’t post a blog last week, I feel a lot has changed in the fortnight since my last post.

Girls hol

Girls hol

I have been away this week with Annabel and Mum, to Spain. It was so lovely to get away, get some sun and it seems to have done my back some good. It was so nice to have a week off from all my medical appointments, although I am now really looking forward to seeing the physio for some much needed acupuncture this week!

SWIMMING: A week on holiday meant I was able to swim as much as I wanted and I made sure I did my lengths twice a day, every day. The first day of the holiday I was only swimming 4 lengths of front crawl twice a day and on the last day I was swimming 10 lengths twice a day. It feels so great to be able to improve so much in such a short space of time. I am now up to 12 lengths so by next week I’ll be doing so much more, hopefully. The grannies this week aren’t going to know what has happened! I reckon they will miss their slow walking partner!

“Salt water is the best medicine”

FLYING: When we booked this holiday, it was to test out how I would be flying, ready for my flight to Aus in June/July. Although those plans have been put on hold, it was still good to see how flying was. A 2 hour flight to Spain was just bearable but anything much longer and I am going to have to fly business class – shame!

MOJITO: I’m not a huge drinker anyway but a mix of medication and just not feeling like a drink has meant I hadn’t had one since January so it was a big moment when I had my first mojito this week! Now even more of a light weight than I ever was!


DRIVING: Although I haven’t driven at night yet, I am continuing to increase the amount and the distances I drive. It’s great that I am starting to get some independence back.

Aim of the Week:

To be able to swim 20 lengths of front crawl.

This week it is back to the usual routines with all my appointments but I am really looking forward to Thursday – I have my first yoga session. I can’t wait to learn something new and for it to give me another form of exercise to work on each week. Hopefully it will help me make a stronger, fitter and full recovery.

Hope everyone has had a good week and thank you for reading!

Lots of love from




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