Weekly achievements & aims – Sunday 24th May 2015

This week I have been feeling a bit fed up so I have been trying to keep busy and get out the house as much as possible. I’ve never been good at sitting around ‘relaxing’. Watching TV or reading have never been my kind of thing and having a broken back hasn’t changed that. I would much rather be ‘doing something’. So this week I have been trying to ‘do’ different things to keep me busy and try not to focus on the things I don’t like about this situation.

Positives of the week:

  1. DRIVING: This week I have continued to drive myself. I’m still only going short distances but it is such a great feeling to have a little bit of independence back. Being able to drive myself to swimming is so great. Yesterday I even went on a motorway briefly – how wild of me! I am finding that I am now better in a car as a driver rather than a passenger. Poor Annabel has been driving me around the last couple of days and I’m definitely not a good passenger. Something to work on though!
  1. SWIMMING: Swimming is continuing to progress. The last couple of days, I have been allowed to now do a few lengths on my back. I have done 6 so far. I love being allowed to swim on my back now, it’s the best feeling being able to use my legs and I know it is doing so much good. Need to get my muscles strong strong strong!
  1. WALKING: This week I have done a lot of walking. I can really tell my back is getting stronger because I am able to walk distances, only 2 weeks ago, that were impossible. It’s great because I can now go on short dog walks – another way to get out the house. Today I went for a walk along the beach with Annabel and Emma – I walked so much further than I have done and I think Tilly enjoyed it too. Typical England, it started raining so we got soaked. That was the end of the beach for us. Get me to Aus!!

Beach dog walk with Annabel & Emma

  1. CINEMA: Yayyy I finally went to the cinema after months of missing out on great films. I went to see Pitch Perfect 2 with Annabel and her friend Emma. Definitely recommend it, if you haven’t already seen it. The whole experience was surprisingly less painful than I thought, just quite uncomfortable. I will definitely be going again though as it’s another thing I can now do that gets me out the house.

First cinema date of 2015

  1. ROWING: One afternoon this week, Jamie and I went rowing. It was a really sunny afternoon and it was so pretty. I even did a little bit of rowing. Poor Jamie had to do most of it but I think he enjoyed the break from exams and revision. We even got to see cute ducklings. They were tiny and fluffy.

Rowing with Jamie

  1. AVOCADO EYE CREAM: I have been spoilt with pressies over the last few months but one of my most used/favourites has to be my Kiehl’s avocado eye cream. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it. A mixture of poor sleep and crying leads to very puffy eyes but thankfully Laura, Chloe, Rebby, Ellie and Zoe bought me this miracle eye cream in my hospital goody bag. This week especially, it has been a life saviour. It’s such a great eye cream!

Aim for next week:

To drive myself somewhere at night time.

This week hasn’t been the easiest of weeks but I have enjoyed getting out the house when I have been able too and hopefully this week I am going to do even more. I just have to remember as each week passes, I’m another week closer to the full recovery that I am so determined to make.

I hope you all enjoy the bank hol and have a good week!

Lots of love from




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