Positives & Aims of the week: Sunday 17th May 2015

This week has been a week of ‘firsts’ which has lead to a lot of progress being made – yippeeeee!

  1. EATING OUT: I achieved my aim of the week and, as I mentioned in my previous blog, went out for lunch to a new vegan café that I highly recommend. Last night I managed dinner out as well – sitting at the table for 2 hours. Such an improvement from even just a week ago so fingers crossed my muscles keep getting stronger and allow me to do these sort of things more and more in the next few weeks.

Dinner with Belle – still smiling after 2 hours sat at the table!


Delish lunch with Charlotte at the vegan cafe

  1. ACUPUNCTURE: In the last couple of weeks I have been having acupuncture done for my back and I seem to have reacted really well to it. It’s not going to cure the damage but it seems to be providing short term relief and I now couldn’t imagine not having it. It’s amazing what a few needles can do. I am so pro acupuncture!
  1. SWIMMING: This week there has been more progress in the pool. I have now advanced to using a float, yippee. I still walk, and in fact, I walk slower now, as using my float is engaging my core muscles and I have to walk with more control. At the moment I only use one float but soon I will be using 2 to make it even harder. The staring from the grannies continues, I really have considered making an announcement as I walk in. I walk in, in my Speedo swimming costume, my Speedo floats and then…walk…at a snails pace. Talk about all the gear, no idea!
  1. PILATES: I had my first pilates session this week. At the moment it is very very basic and just about movement. My teacher practices ‘mindful movement’ which was really good. I basically just roll around on little balls! I can’t wait to be strong enough to do the more advanced stuff and its great that I now incorporate pilates/mindful movement exercises into my daily physio sessions.
  1. DRIVING: A major event of the week! I drove the car again. Only up the road and back but I’m so pleased I did it. I have become really scared of situations in the car but I’m really pleased I felt like I could do it. I have done one very short journey on my own to the shop. It’s really painful so I’m only going to be doing short 5 min journeys but I’m going to continue so I will hopefully become less anxious.
  1. TIMTAMS: The week has ended with an Aussie care package containing Tim Tams (crazy new flavours I am yet to try) and squeezy Vegemite. Alice is the best and so pleased I got a little Aussie dose this week!

Aussie Treats

Aim of the Week:

This week I am determined to go to the cinema to see Pitch Perfect.

I think it is quite ambitious but my attitude this week has been ‘I’m just going to do it, regardless’ and it seems to have got me quite far with the things I have achieved so I am going to continue with it.

This week has been a good one, it’s been a busy one which definitely helps as I stay distracted, occupied and avoid severe boredom!

Hope everyone has had a good week and thank you for reading!

Lots of love from




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