Midweek Motivation

Since post my last blog, I have been so shocked and honoured at how many people have ‘liked’ or even started ‘following’ my blog. I have received SO many lovely messages from friends and I wanted to just post to say how much it means to receive such kind words. I am really enjoying writing for my blog, I love having something to focus on and receiving such kind messages seems to be making me even more determined to make a healthy and full recovery. People telling me that I have ‘inspired’ them, is such an incredible compliment to receive and it is so great to know that by me writing this down, I am helping myself but also helping others. It’s amazing!

Since Regina George happened,  I have been so overwhelmed by the kind messages, lovely cards, thoughtful pressies, visits from friends and family and general support from everyone. I cannot begin to tell you how much it helps, how it keeps me motivated, determined as well as keeping me smiling. I would not have been able to get this far without everyone’s support.

The days that I have activities or visits from friends and family planned are, without a doubt, my ‘better’ days. It makes me so much more determined to sit and put my make up on, walk that little bit further, make them a drink etc – all of which are a huge step in the right direction. It’s really made me realise the importance of having support at a time that is extremely challenging.

I feel like today is a good day to post this blog as I have achieved my ‘weekly aim’ – I went out for lunch with a friend. The only thing that was ‘compromised’ from ‘normal life’ was that I didn’t drive myself. For the first time, I walked from the car park, walked to the café, sat and ate lunch for an hour and a half and walked back to the car. Obviously it was not pain free but the fact we were trying out a new vegan café and non-stop gossiping, I was very distracted from any pain. It feels so good to have achieved what I aimed to do and was determined to be successful in, this week. I shall post more of my ‘positives’ of the week over the weekend. There are going to be quite a few this week as it’s been a week of success! Yay!


Vegan lunch today at The Den at Twenty Three, achieving my aim of the week!

I hope you are having a successful, motivated and determined week.

Lots of love from




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