Weekly Achievements & Aims – Sunday 10th May 2015

I have decided I want to document my weeks like this as it makes it clearer as to how I am progressing and also I can see the fun things/things I am achieving each week.

Continuing on from last week, this one has been a week of ups (positives) and downs (negatives) but trying to stay like a true unicorn, there have been more ups this week – yay!

Positives of the week:

JEFF: The biggest and best news of the week is that Jeff is able to come over to England in July for 3 weeks! I am so so excited, I can’t believe it will have been over 6 months since we last saw each other when he arrives. My project for the next few weeks will be to plan some exciting things we can do together, which actually is a little tricky as I’m still at the stage of taking each day as it comes. It’s so difficult to tell how I will be next week, what I will be able to do, but I am still going to have fun planning some exciting things for us to do together. Hopefully we will have a sunny July so he will see an English summer at it’s best – full of English strawberries and Pimms!

HAIR: One of the best things that has come out of this horrid few months is what it has done to my hair! Washing it far too infrequently for my liking and being unable to do anything with it other than have it up, has done amazing things! It’s grown so much and is now super shiny, so at least one thing has improved. However, it has also made it very dark as vitamin D is to something I have been getting much of whilst stuck indoors. So this week I finally made it into the salon and I feel so much happier to have it back to it’s usual lightness. Thank goodness the doctors didn’t have to cut it off when I was in hospital and I will be forever thankful to the nurse that spent 4 hours combing through the birds nest (see below) it turned into after 10 days of being unable to touch it.    


From this


To this


ROUTINE: I was told by the neurologist last week that it is very important for someone, who has had a serious head injury, like me, to get into a strict sleep and meal routine. I have to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time every day. I am still getting used to this as I have not been sleeping well at all for the past few months. Routine is something that I love though, so trying to get better at this is definitely a challenge I am enjoying. I am finding it difficult at the moment but I am sure after a few weeks of a regular routine, I will begin to feel a little more ‘normal’. I’m hoping so anyway!

SWIMMING: I have only been ‘swimming’ for 10 days now, but I have already improved so much. I am not allowed/able to properly swim yet, I just have to go into the pool to ‘float’ and I do lengths of walking. I started by doing 3 lengths of walking and each time I have increased it. On Wednesday I was at 11 lengths and today I walked 23 lengths! I think it helped that I was distracted by chatting to my old lady friends in the pool! There’s no going back now, got to keep increasing those lengths. I am trying to go each day as I want to get my strength and fitness back as quickly as possible. The pool I am going to, has a lovely hydrotherapy pool as well so I spend a lot of time in there, floating around like a star fish. It’s heaven!

SHOPPING: I have really missed being able to go shopping so I have been treating myself so some online shopping but this week, I managed to get into Topshop and oh my gosh, I loved it ! I treated myself to quite a few summery bits as I am going away at the end of May with Mum and Annabel. I seem to justify what I buy by saying ‘I deserve these’ but also, I had already sent a lot of my summer clothes to Aus in preparation for my arrival in March. So now I actually NEED summer clothes too!

Aim for next week:

Next week I am determined to go out for lunch and to be able to sit at the table.

I really hope I am able to do this as I am getting very very fed up of being unable to do anything and being tied to the house.Whilst the brace was very restrciting in many way, it also allowed me to do a few things with little pain. Now that I don’t have the added support of the brace, I am just not able to do the small things I was doing (like walking the dog for 5 minutes). I am so determined to get back to that level of activity. It will be great if I am able to sit at a table for a enough time to go out, at least it would mean getting out the house a little bit more.

Over the next few weeks I hope to write regular weekly posts like this so I am able to easily see how far I progress. Before I know it I’m going to be pounding up and down the pool, leaving all the grannies behind. At the moment I think they secretly like me ‘walking’ up and down with them at a snails pace!

Hope you have all had a good week.

Lots of love from




2 thoughts on “Weekly Achievements & Aims – Sunday 10th May 2015

  1. Catherine Parr says:

    Good for you Loz, every day is a new challenge and every day you get stronger. Keep up the good work. So glad Jeff is coming over to see you. Something for you to look forward to xx

    Keep the posts coming I love them. Bye for now Love Cath


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